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We at Blue Olive Designs are experienced in the management of a wide range of the specialized building processes. We can customise a solution to fit your exact needs as per your project.

We understand that property is a big investment, you need a team with the same passion for results as you have. The best results come from commitment and expertise combined. We can achieve this with our strong set of established staff, hands-on management and a long-standing relationship with highly skilled contractors.

“We take an integrated approach to building and renovations is cost and time efficient, and gets you the right results.” 

    Kitchen and Patio Design Blue Olive Design

    Service Management for:-

    Plumbing, tiling, bricklaying, plastering, electrical, roofing, ceilings, painting and more.


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    OWNER / MANAGER: John Cahi

    My passion is to create installations that you will love. If you need a new kitchen design or just a kitchen alteration we will manage the project to give you peace of mind” Give us a call to see how we can help you complete your project on time and on budget.



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